Starting the Garden Indoors

My first gardening project of the year is starting some indoor plants. I am planting two types of tomatoes: Mosaic Mix – cherry and grape varieties in a rainbow of colours; and Saxon Tomatoes which look like the “tomatoes on a vine” you get at the grocery store. I put 3 seeds in each little pot with basic indoor/outdoor soil. They can be transplanted one plant per pot later.

I am also planting Yellow Peppers. They are super late starting to be put in the garden later so these babies might just stay indoors. Finally, I am planing a mix of herbs (Oregano, Summer Savory, Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Chives, and Dill) which I may move to an outdoor planter on the deck. We’ll see. Lets hope they grow first. I am already anxious to see little sprouts coming up!

I got the seeds and a herb garden kit complete with all the herb seeds and the little cube planters all at Vessys in York, PEI. They tell me left over seeds can be saved for next year. They also tell me I’m a bit late for starting my tomatoes…

In the photo on the right you can see that I placed 2 antique tables in front of the window to hold my plants. (Hubby likes antiques and has lots of little odds and ends like this in the barn.) One of the tables has a hole cut out for a basin so I just dropped my big Aloe Vera plant right in the hole. Voila, useful table!


About Wife Laura

This summer I will say 'I do' to the love of my life. I'm overjoyed and excited, but also a little apprehensive about being... the 'wife'!
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