Spreedsheets for Planning and Low-Cost Reception Decor

It’s time to get my act together… Over the last few days we have looked at our finances and budget and are clear on what we have available. Full steam ahead now!

This morning I downloaded what I think will be a life saver: Wedding Planning Excel Spreadsheet Templates! They come with all kinds of things from guest lists, to a step-by-step time line of the tasks and events on the big day. Download them from: Wedding Junkie

We also spent some time shopping yesterday to look for decorating ideas. While looking at beautiful, over-sized (and very expensive) glass vases at craft shops it hit me that many couples have probably purchased the very things we were looking at and used them for only one day. What did they do with them afterward? Probably packed them away in their basements. I started thinking that we should try to find wedding decor second-hand. So, I’m going to place a few on-line notices of things we are wanting to buy to see if there are any sellers out there!


About Wife Laura

This summer I will say 'I do' to the love of my life. I'm overjoyed and excited, but also a little apprehensive about being... the 'wife'!
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One Response to Spreedsheets for Planning and Low-Cost Reception Decor

  1. Wife Laura says:

    here’s my note…

    Looking to buy: Large Vases for Centerpieces and other Wedding Decor

    If you have bought wedding decor items that were used for that one day, only to box them up and forget about them, how about recycling them and making some money at the same time? Message me if interested!!

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