Say a little prayer…

I began going to a new church about a year ago. We’ve been going as a family actually – my fiance, myself, and my seven-year-old. As part of our renewed commitment to Christianity and to set an example for our son, we also began saying prayers before our meals at home. At first the practice felt uncomfortable, the words did not flow forth easily. But over time, it began to feel more natural.

I’m still a little shy about our ritual in public or in other people’s homes, but occasionally we have had our prayers in restaurants. We’d hold hands and bow our heads and say it… quietly! I remember the first time we tried that at Swiss Chalet… A quick peak up revealed that those sitting near us had stopped talking and eating and seamed to be listening. What were they thinking? Perhaps they found it endearing; perhaps they found it silly!!

We take turns saying a prayer, even little Mirko takes his turn (his are much shorter!) When he’s really hungry, he asks if he can say the prayer… because he knows that will be faster!! But he does a great job, and I think it makes him feel a bit “grown up” to lead our family in prayer.

The ironic part about it is that the major motivation for beginning the practice was for the benefit of our son, and in the end, I wonder if John and I don’t benefit just as much, or more. It has had some interesting effects, like creating a stronger family bond, giving us a reason to eat together instead of grabbing food on the run, and providing us a “time out” a few times a day to hold each others hands.

For me personally, the best part is that our morning prayer always involves saying thank you to God for another day of life. It’s amazing how much that simple sentence has impacted me. I know I am a changed person since beginning every day feeling grateful to be alive.


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This summer I will say 'I do' to the love of my life. I'm overjoyed and excited, but also a little apprehensive about being... the 'wife'!
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2 Responses to Say a little prayer…

  1. Tegan says:

    It’s interesting that you would write this, as we have gone through a similar transformation. I never thought of myself as ‘religious’ but I’ve noticed the older I’m getting, the more and more grateful I am for the things that I have.

    The boys are going to Catholic school – not originally because of the religious aspect – but because it’s a French Immersion school. It was the only one in town, so we had little choice but to send them. But now, I’m glad that they are going. I love that they are being taught about The Bible, and about God. It’s part of our history and our culture. What’s wrong with knowing and appreciating what has made us who were are today? Even if they grow up to disregard it, they will have an appreciation and proper knowledge about it. We too now say grace at the table. It’s a small moment in time to stop and reflect on what’s good. I’m grateful for it.

  2. Wife Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing that Tegan!!
    Let me know how things go with the Catholic school as things continue. It is a Catholic church that I began going to… there are so many neat aspects to the religion. Our priest speaks/sings this prayer every Sunday and for some reason I just love the sound of his voice when he sings like that, alone with no music. It would be hard to describe, but the sound feels like I am hearing something from ancient times….

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